Monetize your Passion, Creativity & Social Presence through Social Brand Advocacy.

Work with top brands, small to medium sized businesses online and get paid for your creativity and influence within your social circles.

Simply create awareness about brands and products and make your stay online worth every penny.

Leverage on Digital Solutions to Boost your Business & Brand.

Let Social Brand Advocates transform your Vision into Creative Results.

Collaborate with Creators, Influencers, Trend Setters.

Drive Awareness, Traffic & Increase Sales.

Africa's Leading Social Collaboration Platform

Our platform offers the best in class tools to help brands and businesses reach out to the right Social Brand Advocates.

Great stories, branded content and campaigns are crafted through one on one collaborations. These stories when shared with their trusted audience inspire and generate action.

By interacting regularly with highly engaged audiences, Social Brand Advocates are able to connect with their followers on wider range of interest and demographics. This ensures your campaigns yield higher ROI than traditional advertising or marketing channels.

Why Social Brand Advocacy?

Creators, Inflencers and Trend Setters get your message out there to an  already engaged niche audience that trusts them. Your campaigns get personified and this makes it easier for your target audience to in turn trust your brand, service or product when it comes with an approval from them, tremendously increasing your chances of a successful campaign.

Social Marketing Done Right

1 x

Faster for Customer Acquisition, Increase in Sales & Information Dissemination

1 x

Return on Invest both for Brands, Businesses and Social Brand Advocates

1 %

Of Followers Trust Recommendations by Social Brand Advocates.

Social Brand Advocates

We get it that your plate is always full. That’s why we make it easy for you to find campaigns and partner with brands seeking to leverage on your creativity & social influence through our platform. 

Brands & Businesses​

Get your story out there.

With the right collaborations, you can get stories about your brand, product or service told in a way no other person can. 

Social Brand Advocates will get your story to an audience that trusts them and always looks up to them for recommendations & advice on the latest products, brands & services.

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Brands & Businesses On MiMaizon

Our platform works for every size of brand and business. From micro enterprises, e commerce shops to top brands.

All that matters is the goal you want your campaign to achieve and your budget of course!

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