Social Marketing Made Easy

Launch your social marketing campaign with ease.

Simply put out a campaign brief, receive proposals from content creators, influencers or trendsetters and track your campaigns performance all in a matter of minutes. 

Control Content You Want Your Customers to See

Approve content and campaigns generated by Social Brand Advocates prior to the same being shared out there.

You only pay for content you approve of therefore you have total control over your social campaigns.

Who can use MiMaizon?

MiMaizon is built for businesses and brands of every size to run, manage and scale every aspect of their digital social marketing campaigns.


Do more with less.

Promote your product or service on a tight budget.

Top Brands

Build a strong community around your brand with personalized content generated by creative social brand advocates.

Increase your ROI for every you spend on.

Save time. Manage your social marketing campaigns end to end in a centralized place.

MiMaizon at a Glance


Time to Create and Launch a Social Campaign

1 %
Engagement rate

Average Engagement Rate of Social Brand Advocates

Brand Advocates

Accredited and Ready to Power your Social Campaigns

How to Get Started

Sign Up for a Brand / Business account on our platform.

Pay the Account Sign Up Fee of KSh 3000.

Connect your Social Media Accounts. Complete your profile and you ready to go.

Select platforms you’d like to have your social campaign to run on. 

Create a campaign brief explaining what you expect from social brand advocates.

Once your brief is up, we make it super easy for you.

We let you set a budget that’s right & affordable for your campaign. You’ll also see budgets of similar campaigns so you can benchmark.

Once your campaign brief is set up, we’ll automatically match and  notify Social Brand Advocates that match your selected criteria.

Social Brand Advocates looking to work with you will then send their proposals outlining how they’d like to work with you and how much they’ll charge.

You can then review the proposals and either Accept, Decline or Negotiate.

Once you receive proposals, you have the liberty to choose which Social Brand Advocates you’d like to work with.

You can peruse through their content examples, past social collaborations, audience engagement stats, audience demographics and location so you get the right people for the campaign you want delivered.

Once you approve the generated campaign content, Social Brand Advocates will publish and share the campaign content with their followers or subscribers driving views and engagements.

Your account is then debited and payments remitted to the relevant Social Brand Advocates you’ve partnered with.

Get real time feedback of your campaigns performance across various platforms and utilize the data to improve your campaign or measure your ROI.

Discover Creators, Influencer & TrendSetters

Find Social Brand Advocates across all major social media platforms that fit your social marketing campaign objectives.

Understand your Social Brand Advocates complete social reach across all networks and compare their stats.

Search by category, age, gender, audience count, audience engagement rates and previous collaborations to reach the right audience.

With the right data you get to settle on personalities that will drive the right conversation about your brand or business and are ready to work with you.

Access Insights

You see it as it is.

With a brand / business profile, you get real time access to changing data insights and stats of your favorite creators, influencers or trendsetters.

Data harnessed in real time from linked social media accounts gives you a glimpse of your Social Business Advocates social relevance and influence over time. This allows you to make informed decisions when hiring for your campaigns. 

Data from your active campaigns is also compared with those of similar campaigns from other brands so you get to monitor your performance alongside others.

Promote your Brand or Business

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