Do what you love and make money out of it

You could turn your passion and popularity into a full time job.

Join our Social Brand Advocacy platform and make money by collaborating with brands and businesses.

You do not need to have thousands of followers to be a Social Brand Advocate.

Just a little as 100 highly engaged and interactive followers are enough to get you started.

Who is Social Brand Advocacy for?

Social Brand Advocacy is for social people who like to share their day to day life experiences or escapades with their followers across social platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or Pinterest. 

Content Creators, Influencers and Trend Setters are the kind of Social Brand Advocates we work with.

Creative Content Creators with ideas that stand out of the crowd,  Influencers with highly engaged niche audience and Trend Setters who can create brand revolutions are the kind of people whom we need.

Find Paid Social Campaigns with Ease

Simply browse through available campaigns by advertisers and find what works best for you and your creativity.

Our platform focuses on bringing you great campaigns from the trendiest startups to the biggest brands. You always have a constant array of opportunities across multiple categories to choose from.

With full transparency, you decide when & who you work with & for how much.

Getting Started Is Simple

Sign Up for a Social Brand Advocacy account on our platform.

Connect your Social Media Accounts.

Grow your audience to the minimum required number of followers or subscribers and engagement ratio.

Select campaign categories you may be interested in working with now and in future.

This helps us share with you campaigns that will resonate well with you. 

Search for collaboration opportunities by category, types of collaboration and more.

Here you’ll find opportunities for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or Pinterest campaigns from brands and businesses.

Select campaigns from brands you’d like to work with and send out your proposal.

Tell them the kind of endorsements you’d like to create and drop your quote alongside this. You can negotiate with the various brands or businesses directly if need be.

Once brands and businesses review your proposal and are delighted by it, you get hired. 

On getting hired, you now have a task to deliver on as per your proposal.

If its making creative posts, attending brand photo shoots, shooting creative videos then it’s time to go. Start exercising your creative freedom.

Make the posts, stories or videos and share the brand approved versions.

Once you complete your endorsement, submit your posts or complete executing your campaign as agreed, you get paid instantly.

You can then withdraw your cash via Mobile Money Transfer (Mpesa, AirtelMoney, TKash), Bank Transfer (RTGS, EFT, TT, Cheque) or Paypal.

Discover your Social Worth

MiMaizon helps you determine your social worth through various algorithms.

Once you sign up to our platform, we’ll calculate for you how much you could earn per post or video. 

As a Social Brand Advocate looking to collaborate with brands, knowing your worth helps you remain competitive while pitching to brands increasing your chances of being hired. 

My Instagram Worth

YouTube Channel and Video Worth

Social Insights & Stats

Display your past collaborations, rate card and social performance within your profile. Share the insights with other advertisers you intend to collaborate with to boost your credibility.

Track your campaign engagements and performance in real time. Use the data to learn and grow your social profile to boost your earnings.

Start Monetizing your Social Influence

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